Love yourself every step of the way

Self- love.

It’s basically trendworthy right now. Everyone’s applying sheet masks and taking bubble baths and hashtagging like it’s going out of style, but is it for real? Self-love is so much more than going out to “treat yo’ self”, if you catch my drift. Don’t get me wrong- do all those things if they make you feel good! Or do none of them.

Self-love is about loving yourself. Right now. Every inch of your body and soul. That’s tough shit to do, but oh so worth it.

Now I’m not one to preach; I struggle with self-love on the daily. As someone with anxiety, I can make every little thing I do seem like the wrong choice. I look in the mirror and pick myself apart. But you know what? I actively try to let that crap go.

Because how can I be the best mom, the best wife, the best coach, the best friend, the BEST ME, if I don’t absolutely love the person I am?

So catch yourself.

If you start to notice that you’re speaking negatively about yourself, whether internally or to others, first become aware of it. Why are you even saying that? Does it stem out of judgement, out of comparing your journey to that of someone else? You can’t play that comparison game- it’s never going to give you good results. And there’s absolutely no point.

Instead, honor yourself. You’re a BADASS. You rock that mom game, whether you’re in sweats or slacks. You know why? Your kid LOVES YOU. You have extra weight? That’s okay, it helped you get through a tough time or bring life into this world. It’s that extra glass of wine with your man or the cheese platter you share with friends.

You yelled at your kiddo? We all do! But you would do lay your life down for them, and they know that.

It’s okay to have goals and to seek to better yourself, through education, meditation, exercise, or whatever. But love yourself exactly where you are, and love yourself equally every step of the way. You are just as amazing now as your future self will be. And you’ll be so much happier if you live for now instead of for what will be.

I see you. And you’re beautiful, inside and out.

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