Chicken Coconut Curry

Um, anybody else excited that it’s Friday? I know it can’t just be me! It’s the end of the week; time to relax, rest, and recuperate. And by this time I usually come down with a case of the F its, and I don’t want to do a damn thing. So an easy dinner with very little thought is RIGHT up my alley.

This curry is made so easy because I use a store bought curry sauce. Here is the photo of the one I used. I love the flavor and that it contains real ingredients!


Making the curry is so simple. If you made your quinoa or bulgur in advance during your meal prep from Instagram, just heat it up! If not, make it fresh. The fastest, most hands-free method of making most grains is using a rice cooker. I’m a huge fan of anything that makes my life a little easier.

Then, everything for the curry basically goes in one pot! Start by heating up some coconut oil, and then add the butternut squash and cauliflower.


Cover these to let them steam a bit and soften up. Give them about 5 minutes on their own before adding the chicken and curry sauce.


And then, I let everything simmer together for about 20 minutes, stirring inbetween or you’ll wind up with some burned bits on the bottom. Stir in the spinach last, because if you want it to stay bright green it only needs to wilt a little.


Then combine everything together! Serve the curry with your grain of choice and some flaked or shredded coconut. BAM! Dinner that you really only had to be hands-on with for about 10 minutes, and the rest of it cooked on its own. That’s my kind of healthy meal .

Find the full recipe below, and I hope you enjoyed this week’s menu! I’m going to be taking the next week off of menu writing because I have my daughter’s birthday to plan, but I’ll share everything from her party here with you! Have a lovely weekend!

Chicken Coconut Curry

Download your printable recipe here!

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