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Jamaican Jerk Pulled Pork Sandwiches

It looks so good you could just take a bite, am I right?

I’m bringing you a brand new #crockpotMonday recipe today! I made these Jamaican Jerk Pulled Pork Sandwiches as a way to deviate from my tried and true BBQ Pulled Pork recipe, which you can find on my instagram page @thesamanthaelaine. I needed something new, something fresh, and boy did I stumble upon something great! Follow along with me here or check out the full recipe and printable below!


First, you’ll have a little prep, but it’s not much! Chop up your green onions and thinly slice your other onion. Set aside separately.


Then it’s time to make the Jamaican jerk marinade. I make a mild version because I want my toddler to eat it too, but if you want yours spicy, try adding habaneros! It would probably be a good idea to seed them first so it’s at least tolerable, but hey, maybe you like your mouth on fire. Who am I to judge?


So many Jamaican Jerk recipes require you to mix a ton of different seasonings to create your jerk rub. I’m a little bit more practical.┬áKeep it simple and pick up a Jamaican Jerk seasoning already blended at your local grocery store. You should be able to find it with all of the other herbs and spices! The brand we used was made by The Spice Hunter. And then rub it all over your pork shoulder after you place it in your slow cooker.


Add the thinly sliced onions and marinade along to your slow cooker as well, and then let this bad boy cook all day while you’re at work! It should only take about 8 hours, but you will be ok if it goes for 9.


Afterwards, you’ll end up with something like this. I know, it may not look like much yet, but just appreciate the hard work you did here!


And then start shredding the meat and you’ll start to see- it’s to die for.


And it ends up looking like so much more food! Add the meat back to the juices in the slow cooker if you like everything a little more saucy. And then add it to your burgers with your toppings and you’ll end up with something like this:


I wish I had one in front of me right now! Mmmmm MMMmmmm!


I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I do! Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them in the comments below or contact directly at

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