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Sweet Potato and Beet Shrimp Salad

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Let me hear it for all those root veggie lovers out there!

sweet potato beet shrimp salad feta blue napkin spoon

C’mon, everyone loves potatoes. But did you know that there are so many other roots that you may love? Think carrots, parsnips, beets, or even jicama! My two faves are sweet potatoes and beets. They are earthy with a natural sweetness that is enhanced by roasting. Pair that with some lean shrimp protein and feta cheese? I’m in root vegetable heaven! Enter my Sweet Potato and Beet Shrimp Salad.
My husband wasn’t sure how he felt about beets. He did not have a positive experience in the past, and what I described as earthy he described as “dirt”. But then I got him to try them again, since he’ll eat whatever I make for dinner. The same strategy applies to our 4-year-old, though it works less often 😂. He found that he actually enjoys golden beets, those pretty yellow ones that you find next to the traditional red variety. They’re flavor is light and mild, which is perfect for this fresh salad.
sweet potato beet shrimp salad feta blue napkin

The benefits of root vegetables

We’ve all heard the importance of “eating the rainbow”, right? Well that’s because you will get a greater variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants by doing so!
Take the golden beet. You can bet your sweet ass that this yellow beauty contains high levels of beta-carotene, as well as vitamins A and C. And you know what? So does the orange-fleshed sweet potato! That’s because beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, is responsible for the bright hue in both of these vegetables. They are also a great source of fiber and calcium.
golden beets sweet potatoes thinly sliced

So how do I prepare them?

I find it best to scrub your root vegetables first. They are found in the ground after all, so you want to make sure they are free of dirt or other residue. Then I peel the skin using a Professional Swivel Peeler to limit waste.
When it comes to slicing, there’s really two best ways to go about it. You could be traditional and use your knife and cutting board, but I find that I end up with varied thickness in my slices, which leads to uneven cooking. You’re better off using a mandolin like the Mueller Austria V-Pro 5 Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer if you have one.
Then you want to line a baking sheet with either parchment or foil and make sure to spray either one with your favorite nonstick cooking spray. Place your sweet potatoes and your beets on a single layer, and spray one more time with cooking spray. Then sprinkle a little sea salt and black pepper before baking them in the oven.
 sweet potato beet shrimp salad feta blue napkin fork bite

Enjoy! Find the recipe for this antioxidant-rich, refreshing salad below.

I hope that you enjoyed this one as much as I do! Comments, questions, concerns? Leave them in the comments below or contact directly at

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  1. I have to say – I think golden beets are so much more amazing than the regular kind. And root veggies in general are so good. This looks amazing.

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