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healthy easy bbq salad onions fried

BBQ Chicken Salad with “Fried” Onions

Ok, so right now I’m making a lot of salads. Honestly, sometimes it’s just too hot for anything else! You will probably see at least one a week for the remainder of the summer, just so I have something light and refreshing on the menu. But that doesn’t mean it’s lacking on flavor! For this BBQ salad, I want you…

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healthy easy Greek Salad chicken homemade

Greek Salad with Chicken

This was a sad week for any Game of Thrones fans out there. My Sunday felt just a little bit more empty now that the season is over. But c’mon, that was a pretty good finale last week! We even had to go back to our room in VEGAS and watch the finale because we were too excited about it.…

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