September and October Recap

I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I thought I was losing it after Charlotte, but now that I have two kids? Someone save me! These girls are growing up so fast, and before I know it, another month has blown by. Two actually since my last post. I have to remember to breathe, and that no one is going to kill me just because I take a step back (or at least I hope they won’t!). I took some time in September and October to focus on my family, my career, and myself. So let me catch you up!

First up, Charlotte started kindergarten! Proud mama right here. She is doing SO WELL you guys. We just had parent teacher conferences, and she had a stellar review from her teacher. The only “negative”? That she has a BIG personality (we all knew that!!) and is so eager to share her thoughts with anyone. At any moment. With very little patience involved. This is my every waking moment with her, so no news there, and it’s something that we love about her! Still, we’re working with her on slowing down, and thinking before speaking. Is this a good time to say it? Should she say it? Is it a nice thing to say? She’ll get it in no time!

Second, Evee turned 7 months old this October!!! What?! Wasn’t I just introducing her to the world only a few weeks ago? This little munchkin has changed our world. She is the sweetest, most even-tempered baby. Hardly a peep out of her unless she’s cracking up at her sister or babbling away. She’s on the verge of crawling, has two teeth, and seems to never stop eating, breastfeeding or otherwise. But the best part is that she absolutely adores all of us. I see her face light up every time Charlotte or Zach walks into the room, especially if they’ve been gone all day.

I’m lucky that I’ve been able to stay home with her the majority of the time since she’s been born. I absolutely love the way my career as a health coach has shifted. You see, I get to work from home and counsel clients remotely, meaning I get the best of both worlds. I can take Charlotte to and from school, and be home with Evee as she grows and develops. Plus, I still get to work with my clients through individualized, one-on-one coaching as they pursue their health goals and BE MY OWN BOSS. That’s right, I get to pick which hours I work, and be more available for my clients on a schedule that works for them!

I’ve even started teaching other people in my world how to be a coach, which is something new and exciting for me! Zach has always teased me about being a mama bird; I love to have hatchlings (or newbies!) under my wing. I always wanted to teach, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Now I have a great system that’s easy to learn and so incredibly rewarding. When you get to help another person achieve their goals, you can’t help but smile. If you’re ever curious to hear more about what I do, email me at and I’d love to share!

So that’s what’s been going on for me! I haven’t stopped writing recipes; in fact, I’m putting the finishing touches on a meatloaf recipe, which is perfect for October, as well as some gluten-free pumpkin cookies! Thanks for keeping up as I constantly tell you why I’m taking a break, but there’s more to come!

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