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Welcome our new baby girl!

I took a little break, but for all the right reasons.

Hello again! It’s no secret that my website sort of took a backseat over the past 9 months. And honestly, I’m not upset about it either. I was focused on bringing another beautiful baby girl into the world, and this sweet girl’s name is Evalina. 💕
I had great intentions during my pregnancy to document everything. I was going to write about healthy meals we were making, how to handle cravings, and even the exercise that I was managing to get in. But in reality? I felt awful most of the time. At first I was sick, and I couldn’t even think about food, let alone take time to cook and photograph a recipe without losing my lunch (which was only saltine crackers).
Somewhere around my second trimester though, I had a brief period where I was energetic and hungry again! It felt great to feel like a functioning member of society again! So thankfully I came out with a few good recipes (hello Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Biscuits and Skinny Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff!).
But there at the end I was back to feeling pretty crummy. I gained the healthy amount of weight and then some. Even a health coach can struggle when nothing sounds good! And I had zero energy. So I took a break and just focused on bringing this beautiful girl into the world as healthy and happy as I could. And when I decided that, I felt so much better! Remember, you have to listen to your body if you want to do what’s best for it.

So I focused on family and happiness, and it was so worth it.

And now that she’s here, I can feel that I’m coming back to normal. I have energy and the food aversions have gone away. And I have some baby weight that I definitely want to lose, so expect some even cleaner recipes coming soon! Want to join me in my weight loss endeavors and get healthier too? Send an email to and we can team up to hold each other accountable!

Welcome to the world Evalina. 💕 We love you so much! 

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